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Rahul Gandhi in dilemma on whether to retain Wayanad or Raebareli

IANS | Updated on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 14:50 PM IST

Kozhikode:Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that he was in a dilemma as to which constituency he should relinquish -- Wayanad or Raebareli.

He was in his constituency, Wayanad, which he won in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

Gandhi arrived at the Kozhikode airport in the morning and drove to Edavana in Malappuram district which is part of his constituency.

He was given a rousing welcome and in his first public meeting, he said that he was in a dilemma about Wayanad and Raebareli.

“Unfortunately like Prime Minister Modi, I am not guided by god as am a human being...God takes all decisions. But I don’t have that luxury as I am an ordinary human being. My god is the poor people of India. My god is the people of Wayanad. For me, it’s very easy as I will speak to you. What I will commit to the people of Wayanad and Raebareli... whatever decision I take ... all of you will be happy,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi retained his Wayanad seat easily but with a reduced margin which was 4.37 lakh in 2019 and 3.64 lakh votes in 2024. After Edavana he will reach Kalpetta to address his second meeting, and later will return to Delhi.


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